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About Us


Hey WanderLuxer! My name is Amber and I am the Chief Travel Curator of WanderLuxe Boutique.


Founded in 2017, WanderLuxe Boutique was birthed from my love affair with travel. It started with yearly family vacations. As a child, traveling with adults and witnessing how much fun they had made me really excited to experience the same when I grew up. 


There’s something about going to another place, allowing yourself to truly let go and just be, cherishing the joys, journey and benefits that travel gifts us with. It really lights me up! And it makes it even more special when you're traveling with a group of friends or loved ones! The memories made are PRICELESS!


I realized that providing high-end travel experiences to others who desire the same was something that I wanted to do professionally. Not to mention I wanted to deepen the connections I made with clients by also traveling with them.


So here I am, at your service!


Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a newbie, we understand that everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to travel planning. I have created a team of experts in various areas and our main goal is to curate travel experiences that not only meet but exceed your expectations! 


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